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We have makeup, skincare, health and wellness, hair care, body care, toxin free cleaning, essential oils, and so much more!

We are a complete lifestyle brand.

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incentives for trips, car bonuses, & more!

500+ EU Standard products

customer referral programs

3%-25% Bonus Pay on TOP of your commissions

50% commission on every online order

50% off your personal purchases

Backed by one of the fastest-growing teams in the company with weekly training and support!

If you are ready to sign up now, reach out to the person that sent you this link!

At sign up, select your package! YES, you do have the option to get affordable bundle deals, but they are not mandatory.

The Perks

Why Farmasi?

Over 73  of Experience

Started as a pharmaceutical manufacturer in the 1950's with the founder Dr. C. Tuna

Family Owned & Operated

We Are Self- Sustaining 

We own the largest cosmetic manufacturing facility in all of Europe. 450 MILLION annual production capacity with an environmentally & eco-friendly campus/factory.

Zero Debt

We own absolutely EVERYTHING!

The Tuna family 100% owns & operates ALL their companies. About 40% of family owned businesses turn into 2nd generation & 13% get passed down to the 3rd generation. We ARE a 3rd generation company.


Room at The Top

#1 ranked worldwide for fastest momentum. Plenty of open spaces for top leadership! NO ONE has even reached the top of the company yet!

Top Tier Perks

LOW start up costs & high commission payouts 50% commission and 50% discount!


Available in over 125+ countries & Operating in 29 direct sales markets with constant and consistent Expansions in Manufacturing and Opportunity Growth

Get with the person that sent you here to get started!

Be the change that you want to see in your life.

Countries we can recruit in include:

1. Columbia
2. Romania
3. Spain
4. Slovakia
5. Ukraine
6. Canada
7. Portugal
8. Moldova
9. Dominican Republic
10. Czechia
11. Mexico
12. Poland
13. USA + Virgin Islands
14. Puerto Rico
15. Brazil

16. United Kingdom
17. Malaysia

Color safe, Cruelty Free Haircare

Affordable Luxury Makeup

European Standard Body Care

Dermatologist Tested Cosmetics 

real people, real results

real people,
REal results

Problem Specific Toxin Free Skincare

Reviving Hair Growth Haircare

Health, Weight loss & Wellness 

Scientifically Proven Ingredients for Results

Everyday Essentials at a Discount (Pictured Results from Dry Shampoo)

Your Starter Kit Options

The $19.99 Starter Kit

Jump start your business with an amazing sampling of our products, as well as systems, and information on how to start your business! Every new Beauty Influencer gets one!

discount Kit options

These kits are optional, but are a great way to jump-start your business!

All  exclusive sign-up kits come with the $19.90 kit included. 70-80% savings and only available within your first 30 days!

The Farmasi Dream is a diverse group of inspiring, like-minded entrepreneurs who are creating income and impact. We believe that everyone is capable, able and deserving of the life they dream of.

Dream Team Culture

We rise by lifting others. You are the author of your story...

You can sit with us...

In the group, we have video trainings, material, and one-on-one help available to you daily.

We're serious about growing our businesses & it's not easy work! But if you put in the time to treat this like a business and get down the WHY you want to succeed, amazing things will come your way!

As soon as you sign up, you will be added to our exclusive Facebook group where you will learn everything needed to start your business off successfully!

What kind of training will you get?

You can sit with us...

"Farmasi has empowered me in so many ways."

 "I have a career from home that allows me to stay home with our children. That career has also led to us being able to build our dream home. I am able to be flexible in my schedule and adjust it as needed. And now we are world travelers seeing different parts of the world. None of these things would have been possible without FARMASi."


"I have matched my income working this part time!"

"I joined Farmasi not really knowing what to expect and ended up finding amazing life long friendships with people from all over the world. I’ve earn two trips to Turkey and that experience is something I will cherish. I’m so thankful for the supplemental income and the ability to provide more for my family. I have matched my income working this part time!"


" I was an exhausted single Mom working 65 hrs/week+...

 in corporate marketing & missing games, presentations, and holidays, but was barely covering the bills. 
Because of my Farmasi success, I retired in 8 weeks to work from home, earn a multiple 6 figure income online, and have traveled the world! "


"This business gives me the opportunity to balance work with personal life as a high school student. 

I have a business of my own that I can manage from where I want the way I want."


"Farmasi has also allowed me to quit a full time job,  replace my income and then some!  "

Farmasi has allowed me to travel to three countries in one year and experience seeing two continents at once from a private yacht !
I’m from a super small town that doesn’t even have a stoplight so if I can do it, so can you!


"I never anticipated that I would have the opportunity to travel to Europe and Asia with all expenses paid.  "

Moreover, my monthly earnings assists me in funding my son's college education. Through Farmasi, I am able to actively pursue my passion, which involves helping others. I am currently establishing a team and extending support to women and their families in four distinct countries. I thank God for guiding me towards Farmasi, where I have not only found what I was seeking but also much more.

-Lupita Ortega

"Everything I have I owe to God. I am so grateful that Farmasi was placed in my path in February of 2020."

It has been a game changer for me in so many different ways. It has brought community, financial support, trips, inspiration, encouragement, education, health and wellness, and it has allowed me to express myself in ways I never thought imaginable. Grateful.

-Licensed Hair Stylist and Mua
Meagan B.

"Farmasi has helped me pay off $28k in credit card debt."

I’m a full-time school counselor married to Chris with twin girls in college. Farmasi has helped me pay off $28k in credit card debt. This is my 4th company; I never made money until coming here.

-Kristy C.

"Seeing my daughter on her wedding day was one of my happiest days."

"Because of Farmasi, I was able to provide my daughter the wedding of her dreams. If it wasn’t for this extra income, it would not have been possible."

- Ladonna H.

According to DirectSalesAid.com, Farmasi is the highest paying  commisions in direct sales industry.

  • Welcome Program - free products and $100 cash bonus

  • 50% Commissions on online sales, NO MINIMUMS REQUIRED

  • 50% OFF of personal sales

  • PERSONAL BONUS - up to 25% on your personal volume

  • GROUP BONUS - Up to 25% on each downline's Group Volume in 1st generation (which is ALL of their lines added!)

  • TEAM BUILDING BONUS - $20 per new downline that hits 125 personal volume in their first 2 calendar months (if they signed up Jan 15th, they have until the end of Feb to hit their 75 PV).

  • LEADERSHIP BONUS - Once you hit DIRECTOR, you get paid an additional bonus on each 18%, 22%, and 25% 




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Stackable cash bonuses from $100-$250K! There are SO many bonuses such as car allowances, paid for trips, & more! Watch this video to get a glimpse of all the ways to earn with FARMASI!

Cash & Car Bonuses

we hope this helped you come to a decision!

Please get with the person that brought you to this website! If you have already agreed to join, they should have a specific code to use at sign-up to ensure you join their team!

We look forward to watching you succeed here at FARMASI!